Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Way It Was

Good Morning Readers,

Yesterday I returned to work. I have the good fortune to have work in these troubled times! Pure AutoPilot. Tools. Materials. Project at my fingertips, I watched as the thing opened in front of me - this to that to this to that. All the while my mind was in a place far away and my thoughts moving a couple of story lines along. I have decided to write about my childhood nanny, Josephine Ross and her extraordinary life and times. I think I mentioned her once last summer. To my knowledge there are no photos existing of the woman. That is something considering she lived to be over 100 years old! She left no heirs, no family and all her friends died decades ago. You would think in the mountain of stuff that I have accumulated over the years I would have something to remember her by other than my memories. Indeed, I must go back 50 years now to feel her touch again. To taste her cooking, to listen to her rich southern, easy feminine voice. She was long legged tall and dancer thin. Light brown almost white skinned with hair not often seen out of coarse thick salt & pepper braided hair. Her most striking feature was her face, all impossibly wide cheekbones with the darkest brown eyes and huge perfectly formed lips.

At least that's how I remember her looks. Small wonder I married Weng I recon.
Todays photos were not taken 50 years ago. They were taken only 7 years ago in Aticama, just before Weng got pregnant with Kawena May Ruth. When I started in earnest building the 'BirdHouse'.



  1. Hi Salud ,, I have been following your post from the start,, love it, but could you please finish the Road To Aticama story,, the purchase the build etc... john..

  2. And when you had no gray hair. ;)

    Nice pictures!

  3. ditto on john's comment! let's see the "Road to Aticama's" ending. thx