Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Ultimate Rube Goldberg Machine

Hello Again Readers,

Thanks for taking a moment of your day to see what our day is doing! Today marks day 6 of 'Big Flu On The Bonny Slope'. I am getting better and Iron Woman is holding steady, Tommy was sent home yesterday with fever from school, Francis discombobulated with stuffiness, and Commander Vee is puffy red eyed and home from school. We are all in bed and I am thinking about investing in Progresso Brand Chicken Soup. We have gone through 12 cans of it in a week. And Vicks vapo rub and loads of other stuff. A couple of days ago I dug out the old Negative Ion Generators from storage and fired them up. I do think it is doing some good! Perhaps not as good as Aticama ocean air. All of our heads are totally plugged up and we look like cartoon characters from a sinus commercial. complaining, though it may sound that way, just happy we have blessings to count. Heaps of rainfall is expected the next several days here in Oregon. What to make of it all?

Humor, thats what!! If you have not seen it then click HERE to check out a truly amazing rube goldburg machine that was added to youtube only last week......

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