Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ok, Down For The Count On The Bonny Slope

Hello Again Readers,

Weng, the Iron Woman, has fallen to a tiny bug! Last week the children brought home this bug from the university of bugs - grade school. By Sunday we were all hacking like crazy and Weng and I were in the state of denial over it. We could not possibly be sick! WELL, .................... yesterday Francis went for a 'fit in' appointment at the clinic, and, yep, it is a throat ripper that slows down kids but knocks down parents. Rats, we are almost out of tissue! Is there a lesson to be learned here? Probably not. I was sick when I began my blog last year and it seems like I have spent more time being sick than doing anything else! Am I complaining? I am not sure but I do wonder at our folly sometimes. I mean, here we lay in our snug and cozy bed living vicariously through the adventures of our pal, George of Ms. Tioga fame. Small comfort in knowing we are not alone! Our heads are plugged up and aching and it is all I can do to scribble these few thoughts. And, while this 'mortal coil' of flesh may be suffering, our attitudes are as fine as frog's hair.

About todays warm photos: Photos of George and Herman, both the same age and looking the world like brothers, trying to make water boil...... (really).... the iron woman............ Paloma and her daughter Donna, and one of the resident iguana's - Ol' Baggy


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  1. Looks like George and Herman are making bagels!

  2. That Ruth sure wanted the picture!

  3. Your link to son Francis' blog site seems to be down.

    Su amigo,