Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Mail Order Bride Aticama 1995

Good Morning Readers,

In just a little while I will be unloading our 'new to us' fully broken in '70s era Maytag washing machine! A real gear driven beauty that we bought yesterday in SW Portland for $40.00. This is gonna be good.

Reminds me of when Weng first arrived in America. I had a real beat up washer - you had to reach behind it and give the belts a tug to get it going. I embarrassed but when Weng saw it she cried with joy - her first washer after years of doing laundry by hand in the river. Now, 15 years and countless washers later, she had yet complain about our funky old washing machines. Not even once. Lucky guy, huh?

The photos from top are:

Weng with Lencho, Alishia, Dallas and Sheryl

In los cocos

On the rocks

With her Caddy.


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