Monday, March 8, 2010

Down But Not Out On The Bonny Slope

Good Morning Readers,

"Sweet Misery, she loves her company....."

Seems like the change in climate this year was too much for our little family! Normally we return from our southern home in Aticama in the spring. The middle of the winter in Oregon can be a real difference - 40deg. difference in fact has left us all (in the words of Weng) 'barking like dogs'. Let this be a lesson.

Now on a more positive note - a couple of days ago I won an Ebay auction on a used Dell laptop, just my old one that was destroyed in the big storm in Aticama last month (could that have only been one month ago?!) The computer arrived and it was as slow as the March Turtle so I spent some good sick time over the weekend re-programming it. Aced it. Now I have a machine I can use!


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  1. When you say you "re-programmed" it what exactly did you do?