Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Couple Of Really Rough Days On The Bonny Slope

Hello All,

I am pleased to tell you the Francis, Thomas & 'V' are all doing much better! They still sound bad with the awful cough but, no doubt due to the miracle of youth, are up and at um......

Weng and I on the other hand. WEll, the last 3 days have been punishing. I have not slept for days more than the occasional cat nap. Both of our heads are exploding with sinus migraines. I am not sure if mold (in combination with this nasty virus) is to blame but we have taken mighty measures to insure that we are living in a controlled mold free zone - in the belly of the Big Fish. Last week I scrubbed every interior inch with soap and bleach and mold killer (not sure it needed it tho) then installed a dehumidifier, a 4 way air purifier (negative ions, uv, hepa filter and charcoal filter) and a two piece ion agitation system. I am sure it smells like an ocean beach now, if only my sence of smell would return! Weng and I are more than lucky to have such wonderful clients to work with. We let everyone know that we have been ill and the support and understanding has been fantastic.


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