Friday, March 19, 2010

The Big Fish & The Road To Aticama

Hello Again Readers,

I have received a number of notices from friends letting me know that my link to Francis was not working. It is now.

This dumb illness is finally breaking up and Weng and I are actually moving around. Since my hacking sounds like someone on the deathbed with a bullhorn I did not attend Tommys school choir presentation last night. The rest of the family did and you will find out about it on Wengs blog no doubt. I was restless so I set about doing some light work around the place. As Mexico and warm weather was on the mind it only seemed natural to put an hour or so into actively working on our next trip down. So, I rebuilt part of the charging system on 'The Big Fish' in preparation for it's permanent integration into our 'Bird House' resort in Aticama. We bought the Big Fish many years ago in Hillsboro Oregon from a man who had owned her for decades. This guy was a professional machinist who tricked out the electrical and plumbing systems so that Big Fish could be self sufficient for a month at a time, or more. Any of you RV'ers out there reading will appreciate some of the conversions and I will post them from time to time. So, anyway, we found this rig on Craigslist and we are captivated by the beautiful and futuristic lines - pure George Jetson vintage!! It was created in the Washington State Chinook MobleLodge factory back in 1970 out of super thick fiberglass and as far as I can tell it the body is as good as the day it first hit the road. A super rare rig - built only for a year or so with the ultra swoopy lines. Zero wear. Problem was/is - the transmission is gone. Not there at all. Missing. But for $200.00 and a call to the travel insurance tow guys she found a new home. Or rather, a safe harbor whilst being re-fitted for a new life as a true Surf Shack in the Tropics. We did a little remodeling, a new bamboo floor, stucco walls, fiesta colors and set her level, overlooking the pond. Sweet. Still no transmission until recently when we brought back the exact same, dodge 727 torqueflight tranny from our old beater rv in Aticama!! Now it is sitting in the driveway. Waiting. Waiting for me. We have been giving Big Fish a big tryout for the last week. Comfort city. Light and Airy, cant wait to get this baby on the road for her swan song south.

MoLater with photos!


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