Friday, February 26, 2010

"Well, How Did I Get Here?"

Hello Again Readers!

Seems like a lot has changed in my life, my little family's life, in the USA and in the world since last I posted. A typhoon of large and small events in fact - edging the 'day to day' from a clear, simple course to one of reacting to endless stormy seas amid a leaking boat for most of us. This narrative may take some time, not neat, not orderly. Unlike Weng, my wife's blog, my pages are sometime political, not well thought out, emotionally raw, brutal, profane, overly opinionated, and occasionally offensive to readers for any number of reasons. Despite my best efforts I take offense to what I consider the inequities of the world. But it is real, and painfully honest. After my last posting I went 'underground' in my mind while traveling overland from the reality of 3rd world living in the 3rd world to the (charitably) strange reality of living again in the land of my fore bearers.

So, where to start?

Insects and Water. Water has been the Element Of The Season. At our Bird House in Aticama we have a number of Cubana Palms. Lovely, tall, graceful feminine palm trees that are ancient Greek columns holding the clouds above us with majestic heads of palm green hair. The sunrise light searing from Mount Gloria shows the true color of these tree trunks - shimmering, moving brilliant reds over slate grey horizontal bands. Ant red. Millions of ants moving morning dew from the heavens of tree top to roots below. Highways of workers carrying a single drop of precious water under their bodies like children moving crystal clear beach balls with their bellies. You can see right through these red ants, a ruby in motion with a diamond in tow. Tireless, they live in harmony, nourishing their treehomes. Mark Twain was enchanted with ants and I can see why. One can almost hear them talking to each other. "Watch out man, that stick is in the way!". "I got it covered..." or "Look what I can do mom!"
So what does it all mean? Just this - take away Love and Art and we are all just creatures carrying water from here to there. Willing slaves to H2O. How water moves stamped us hard personally over the last several months. No one in Aticama can remember a time when it rained there in January or February yet this year storms of fury unknown woke us in a heartbeat - blowing through our cliffside home laying waste to our delicate digital belongings. Frail before the wind and rain, even our cobblestone street moved from its earthen bed in torrents of muddy water devils. My laptop has amazing photos of red ants moving water buried deep in its rusting body. My ears burn at the word 'Backup'.

Time is short here in America and the luxury of digression is forbidden fruit so let me take a moment and thank all of my readers who have dropped a daily click in my direction. A 20 pound thank to those who offered kind remarks following my posting of February 3 in which I laid out my feelings on my children's education. You rock.

So, before I close for now, perhaps it would be best to check out today's offering in my 'ThinkMusic' section below - 'Once In A Lifetime' - a biting, prophetic piece of from the 1980's that rings so true today. For those of you who can stand the ironic twist of it all a 2 minute musically edited, animated version of it can be found here.



  1. Hello,
    Enjoy your blog. I too love mexico and the life there. Life is short. Too short. If you don't move there now, when ? Many on the hamster wheel in USA love it just the way it is believe it or not, but not you nor I. We are the ones not living our lives.

  2. Why can't we see your son's blog? Clicking on his pic will not take me there anymore.