Monday, December 21, 2009

The Road To Aticama, Life After Liftoff

Dear Road Enthrawled Readers,

We have landed in Phoenix at Simbob Delux and are taking a breather for my 57th Birthday. Red Wine and good company. Francis chatting with pals around the globe whilst listening to some real and vintage Hawaiian Music. The trip has been viberant and fun and rough and non-mechanically challanged so far. It is midnight and Weng and I will be going to the Mexican Councellate in 4 hours to stand in line to get the vehicle permit. Yikes! Did not figure in the giant reverse border tourist rush at Christmas. No doubt my recent exposure to a nasty new form of 'Gomer Ray' in Northern California is responsible.

Or maybe it was the 'solo-in-the -Simbob Courtyard-at-10am-birthday-beer-this-morning-lingering-internal-fog' sindrome.

Before we go any further, keep in mind that the rest of the english speaking world pronounces the letter 'Z' as 'Zed'.... go figure but now it's time for the emerging generation to speak up and that is 'GenZed' - Francis's peers .... hmm, its time to ask them what they want.

UPdates and ramblings will be posted at road time oppertunities...



Barely 38 hours ago I spoke, while on the road via my cell phone, to Simona in Phoenix, that the combination SagBirthday party was cancelled due to the flu dropping hubby Bob like a fly. Rats, no need now to set a land speed record to Aticama. Now flash back a full 49 hours and you will see our little family in our friends home for a tiny blastoff celebration. At that time we were only 5 hours behind. Hugs and seriously good food and candles with names and as real as it gets communication about really important things amoung really good friends. Rainy in PTown and chilly but we were hellbent on leaving on the 18th. And we did. For 2 solid days we sorted and packed and tied up loose ends and headed up the hill at 7:30pm. My time - never to early, never to late! The first 2 miles headed to NW Portland from our place are around 8percent curvy road. No Worries Mate! Up and over I knew that 'La Chiba' was bound for personal blogging glory.....

see photo above of La Chiba taken only hours before accidentally passing through the dreaded Gomer Ray!

yikes! no spell check function on this machine!
Francis speaks to the 'Gomer Ray' not to be missed and found at his current posting under 'Read Francis'


  1. Simbob Deluxe? Gomer Ray? GenZed? You all are having way too much fun on this trip!

    When I received your email yesterday evening, MsTioga was Supper Camped below your home. We thought that you would arrive any minute. But you were still in Phoenix!

    Take you time and enjoy the trip. Aticama will be here when you arrive. And so will I.

    Su amigo,

  2. if nothing else was gleaned from rading your blog and tioga george's it is quite apparent that I will need to make a trek to aticama...