Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Oregon Civil War

Good Morning Travel Readers,

In a couple of days the Oregon Beavers & The Oregon Ducks will battle it out in the annual Football Civil War. The winner goes to the Rose Bowl!! I have not watched an entire football game in the USA for more than a decade. Hmm.....

Jorge of Tioga Fame has had a bad case of the 'Mechanical Going Back To Mexico Blues'. I am among the many good will wishers. I am sure that if he can beat cancer he can sure heal his trusty rig!!. Some have suggested that Ms. Tioga is too old for a reliable life but I say that is pure bunk. It makes little difference how old something (or someone) is - it all depends on how well maintained. Myself and my little family are proof positive of that!

Got to run, the money thing calls......


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  1. It is all about attitude. Your life will be what it is, but if you can face it with intelligence and humor, most times, you will get by.

    Enjoy your blog.