Monday, December 28, 2009

On The Road To Aticama

Good Morning Readers,

I am sitting in the waiting room of my good friends medical office, Doctor Eladio, with my good friend Jorge of Ms. Tioga fame! Seems I have had a little relapse - the lungs problem.

I just wanted to tell all you lovely readers that I will be catching up on my blogs soon so please keep tuning in. I have just spent 4 days in the sack and this is the first chance I have had to pop onto the internet. Today is an exciting day - our pal Sepraiano will be repairing our road if all goes well and we will be in our home soon!!

Too Cool.



  1. Thanks,For making my day with that link to Imagine with Neil Young.Really Great!!!

  2. Mi pal, Fojito,
    I hope my illness when you were with us didn't spark the unrest in your chest, but I think it may have. Sorry I couldn't stay in the bedroom the whole time you were here. It felt like a torture chamber in there. I'll definitely have to double up on the household cheer when you come back thru. We'll miss being your neighbor this year. But just reading about you all down there slows my heart rate a bit.
    Adidas, amigas.