Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On The Road To Aticama, Wengs Laptop Is Toast

Afternoon Road Fans,

Live and direct from Vips coffee shop in C. Obregon, about 700 miles north of Aticama. Good coffee, slow service. 55mph a lot of the time, less velocity more often due to major weather issues..... fog in California, Big Rain in Arizona, Long lines to get the car permit, Really Really cold rain in northern Mexico!! Slow going but attitude is excellent. Hope to reach Aticama mid day tomorrow.... we are deciding now - used laptop for Weng or new gas range/oven for the BirdHouse...... hmmmm.... fresh baked bread every day vs. struggle with ancient apple computer..... what would you do? Plan on making interesting postings in next few days... Be patient with Weng - she is stubborn about her old 'puter but will post soon!!




  1. So glad to know you are making progress and safe. Can't imagine cold rain in Mexico! George is awaiting your arrival. Hope the kids are doing ok on the road again...

  2. I vote for the new computer!!! new range later, til then Mexico has great bread :-)