Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama, War, 911 And What It All Means

"You Can Run But You Cannot Hide"

Powerful, scorching words of truth. No one really wants to think about it. One year ago America elected a man of the people to change America. Wall after Wall was thrown up. Every imaginable pressure and force and mind persuasion was thrown in his path. Now, this man must make a terrible decision that no one should ever really have to make. War. Lives. Effects on other lives.

Damn. And what do we, joe six pack, do to help? Little if anything. Complain about the cost of everything (who wrecked the economy anyway? and where is g. bush now?), pretend the world is ok (really, really think about that one), or just be too damn tired to do anything about it....

Blame Obama. Easy, right? If we dont stand with him then we let our enemies, home and abroad, send us to our own damnation. Harsh? Perhaps. Be honest with yourself - is what is going on in the world the best thing we can do?

I say, tell your friends to get off of their butts, search out the truth amongst the media b.s. and make a few phone calls to people who make decisions for us. Stop throwing away your leftovers and give them to the local shelters if they will take them and pull your kid off of the video kill games. And I could say more.


ps. BE SURE to check out the new ThinkMusic posting - the song 'Imagine' at the big benefit for 9/11 nearly ten years ago.....


  1. I can't believe you said this with a straight face.

    "If we dont stand with him then we let our enemies, home and abroad, send us to our own damnation. Harsh? Perhaps."

    And then you have the gaul to also say "and where is g. bush now?".

    You expect people to "stand with" Obama while you run down our previous president. How about a little consistancy?

  2. hello Don,

    Nice to hear from you again! You and I dont see eye to eye on a lot of things but the discourse is always lively. Yea, I get rankeled from time to time with the way things are. But, I stand by my remarks. It is easy to judge Bush in the hard black and white of history and maybe, maybe, I should cut him a break. However, the buck stops at the top - what happened to the economy, the military, education, environment, and our standing in the eyes of the rest of the world during his watch? I am not so naive as to believe that one president can control everything but, his job is to preside over the administration of the workings of the government. I stand by my remarks but have no problem respecting your comments.

  3. But you didn't address my point Francis. You suggest we should stand by Obama or our enemies will use that against us. Does that apply to all Presidents or only ones you approve of?

    And yes it's always good to have a discussion with you. ;)

  4. Get a clue people!!!

    Some of you aren't even citizens of the US! And then receiving the greatest health care the the world. These people are trying to bomb us, destroy them. Clinton is responsible for forcing banks to issue loans to people that couldn't afford them ending us up in the mess we are currently in!