Thursday, December 10, 2009

Missing The Point

Good Early Morning,

The politics of division. It makes me sad and ill. Current Point in case - global warming. There is so much confusion, money, and disagreement about the cause but most everyone agrees that we must do something!!

It really doesn't matter what is causing this life changing and planet condition but if we don't do anything but point fingers and fall apart as people we shall surely condemn a bright future for our children. I, for the life of me, don't understand why every living soul on earth does not support the Global Warming Conference.

There has never been a greater challenge for the human race. Please call your elected Representative and ask him to put aside their differences and just fix the problem. We have the ability to do it, we lack only the will! Do something yourself easy - put on an extra layer and turn down the thermostat. Love your family. If we continue to pretend this problem does not exist we surely condemn this beautiful planet to waste.



  1. Well, no. Not EVERYBODY agrees we must do something. I suspect it's mainly the people that you listen to and that's why you think it's everybody.

    Most people I know that aren't sure who's to blame do agree that we should do what we can to keep the planet clean. This doesn't necessarily mean we need to panic like Gore and his cronies would like. What they really want us to do is give them money to fix the problems so they can get rich.

    You are aware that Gore has made millions and millions off the Global Warming scare aren't you? Do you think he's only doing it for the planet or perhaps he has a hidden agenda?

  2. Do the math! Science does not lie. Convert millions of gallons of petrol, coal and the like into airborn hydrocarbons every day and what do you get? Duh! Cut the lungs out of the planet and what do you get? I refuse to go blindly into the madness of paid political 'science' just to benefit those who would rather live by the axiom 'Ignorance is Bliss' or to line their pockets with outdated technology that makes more money than sense'. The stakes are just to high! If the overwhelming majority of those scientists who specialize in global climate science say there is a problem, then for sure I will listen to them. It is an easy thing for a nonbeliever to check and see just who is funding the naysayers! I admire Al Gore and who is to fault him for profiting from the salvation of the Earth? Beats the hell out of those who profit from war.

  3. And we all know the main naysayers to GW are those who run the oil co.s who say "we're not sure yet" and making changes will "harm the economy (i.e. their profits). What about harming the world?
    Any objective person will find the science is clear that warming is happening. Are we going to act fast enough to make a difference? Or just learn to adapt to fewer species and getting our corn grown in Siberia and desertification of the southern states?
    It is not looking good for quick, unified action - and the US is being a piss poor example to the rest of the world. And Adventures, above, is right.

  4. No, any true objective person will say the debate still goes on and it isn't settled. Once again the left misses my point completely and thinks that I advocate the destruction of the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth but I am smart enough to know I'm not smart enough to say which side is correct. Once you get your doctorate in Climatology and Meteorology then you can chime in with saying one side or the other is right but until then you just sound unflexible and not too bright.

  5. Here's some food for thought.