Friday, December 4, 2009

Good News From Aticama

Good Evening Readers,

Yesterday Weng spoke with Juana In Aticama. Juana is one really fine human being. Now 28 or so, she has been a friend of the family for many years and was present the night Kawena was born in Tepic. She has one of the most golden hearts I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Single, Master Massage Instructor, Strong and resourceful, She also is very civic minded. She holds our daughters property in a Mexican Trust until 'V' turns 21. We in return have helped her become an 'Ejidotarian' - member of the local governing body. She is now studying constitutional law, preparing to run for elected 4 person council next election! This is
terrific news because she has the spiritual health of the pueblo in her soul.


She was elected La Reina de Aticama (The Princess) for the upcoming Annual Founding of the pueblo Gran Fiesta on Dec. 15!!

Congrats Juana - good on you!!



PS Check out todays "ReadFrancis" blog. Really funny.

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