Monday, December 28, 2009

On The Road To Aticama

Good Morning Readers,

I am sitting in the waiting room of my good friends medical office, Doctor Eladio, with my good friend Jorge of Ms. Tioga fame! Seems I have had a little relapse - the lungs problem.

I just wanted to tell all you lovely readers that I will be catching up on my blogs soon so please keep tuning in. I have just spent 4 days in the sack and this is the first chance I have had to pop onto the internet. Today is an exciting day - our pal Sepraiano will be repairing our road if all goes well and we will be in our home soon!!

Too Cool.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On The Road To Aticama, Wengs Laptop Is Toast

Afternoon Road Fans,

Live and direct from Vips coffee shop in C. Obregon, about 700 miles north of Aticama. Good coffee, slow service. 55mph a lot of the time, less velocity more often due to major weather issues..... fog in California, Big Rain in Arizona, Long lines to get the car permit, Really Really cold rain in northern Mexico!! Slow going but attitude is excellent. Hope to reach Aticama mid day tomorrow.... we are deciding now - used laptop for Weng or new gas range/oven for the BirdHouse...... hmmmm.... fresh baked bread every day vs. struggle with ancient apple computer..... what would you do? Plan on making interesting postings in next few days... Be patient with Weng - she is stubborn about her old 'puter but will post soon!!



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Road To Aticama, Adios Dulce Simbob Delux

Hello Again Mid-Day Readers,

We are preparing to blastoff from the SimBob Delux in a couple of hours. Weng and I braved the masses of travelers waiting in line this early am at the Mexican Councelate. Sucess. Now, of course, no doubt because we are from Oregon, the rains have come to non-sunny Arizona. But its warm, at least to us. The stay has been fun for most. Poor Bob has the Christmas Flu. These guys have been great to us and now it is time to saddle up. No idea when we will write next.
an ocean of fog in so. cal.
Francis and I blogging on my bday
Thomas John and Kawena cleaning up dog turds as SimBob Delux
Sick Bob
Chilly weather leaving Oregon


Monday, December 21, 2009

The Road To Aticama, Life After Liftoff

Dear Road Enthrawled Readers,

We have landed in Phoenix at Simbob Delux and are taking a breather for my 57th Birthday. Red Wine and good company. Francis chatting with pals around the globe whilst listening to some real and vintage Hawaiian Music. The trip has been viberant and fun and rough and non-mechanically challanged so far. It is midnight and Weng and I will be going to the Mexican Councellate in 4 hours to stand in line to get the vehicle permit. Yikes! Did not figure in the giant reverse border tourist rush at Christmas. No doubt my recent exposure to a nasty new form of 'Gomer Ray' in Northern California is responsible.

Or maybe it was the 'solo-in-the -Simbob Courtyard-at-10am-birthday-beer-this-morning-lingering-internal-fog' sindrome.

Before we go any further, keep in mind that the rest of the english speaking world pronounces the letter 'Z' as 'Zed'.... go figure but now it's time for the emerging generation to speak up and that is 'GenZed' - Francis's peers .... hmm, its time to ask them what they want.

UPdates and ramblings will be posted at road time oppertunities...



Barely 38 hours ago I spoke, while on the road via my cell phone, to Simona in Phoenix, that the combination SagBirthday party was cancelled due to the flu dropping hubby Bob like a fly. Rats, no need now to set a land speed record to Aticama. Now flash back a full 49 hours and you will see our little family in our friends home for a tiny blastoff celebration. At that time we were only 5 hours behind. Hugs and seriously good food and candles with names and as real as it gets communication about really important things amoung really good friends. Rainy in PTown and chilly but we were hellbent on leaving on the 18th. And we did. For 2 solid days we sorted and packed and tied up loose ends and headed up the hill at 7:30pm. My time - never to early, never to late! The first 2 miles headed to NW Portland from our place are around 8percent curvy road. No Worries Mate! Up and over I knew that 'La Chiba' was bound for personal blogging glory.....

see photo above of La Chiba taken only hours before accidentally passing through the dreaded Gomer Ray!

yikes! no spell check function on this machine!
Francis speaks to the 'Gomer Ray' not to be missed and found at his current posting under 'Read Francis'

Friday, December 18, 2009


Dear Late Night Reader,

Cold Tai Food..... Waiting on the kettle to boil for mint tea......1:15 am and about half through the loading..... gruesome......blastoff in 28 hours.....zombie load in.....

something for us all:

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

.george carlin

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Road To Aticama, 31 Hours Until Blastoff, Ah, More Or Less

Hello Again Readers,

So much to do in such a little amount of time!! We are busy....
will tell all about it when we hit the road..

fingers crossed...

Obama in Denmark tomorrow - good luck man, you are gonna need it!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom, Or, Goodnight Mrs. Kalabash, Wherever You Are

Good Morning,

Today is the day my mother was born. The daughter of a school principal she loved to live a very ordered life. To that end she never really traveled much and never did much of anything exciting except drive.

The woman could drive a car. My fondest memories of her were with her dark red hair flying behind the wheel of her big ol Pontiac. Freedom from us 5 hellions, freedom from a world that was changing far to fast for her - and that was back when things were slow by todays standards. I never really knew her, what she really loved or what she wanted. She worked and I knew our nanny more than my parents. Mom died at age 48. I never had an adult conversation with her so we died relative strangers to each other.

Interestingly enough she was born on the same day in the same year that the Ejdio of Aticama was founded. I would like to think her soul passes by there now and again.


Monday, December 14, 2009

The Road To Aticama, Fiesta 2009

Hello Again Readers,

Well, tonight our friend Juana was crowned the Princess Of Aticama! Jorge was there and took photos. Credit for this great photo is all Jorge. We had hoped to make it there this year but not in the cards - weather and money. Tomorrow is the annual Aticama Fiesta. Next year we will be there!. We are scheduled to leave on Friday night and attend my joint birthday party with Simona, Bob and Kawena in Phoenix but now it is looking grim. Dang. (strong language). I am laying a tile floor but it is taking a real long time to dry. Might take a few extra days. I have never had a birthday party in my life. Uggg...

Off to bed, tomorrow calls.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

PDX Dodges The Ice Bullet, For Now.....

Good Evening De-Frosting Friends,

Well, the big ice storm fizzled out just south of Portland so we missed a royal mess. Suits me just fine, the weather is getting warmer and that sweet 'ol cold Oregon Winter Rain is back. Just give us one more week of non-freezo evento and we just might be able to pull off the Blast Off in some sort of reasonable time.

Jorge may reach Aticama tomorrow!


Friday, December 11, 2009

The Road To Aticama, Ice Storm Coming!

Good Morning Frigid Readers, (and warm ones also)

History is trying to repeat itself! Last year, on December 14, we got socked in with nasty winter weather - rain, ice, snow - Portland shut down for two weeks delaying our blastoff. Now it is threatening again. Tonight a big ice storm is headed our way. Yikes! Will it delay us again? It might. Because I have been working so much away from home there is a load things to do to prepare 'La Chiba' for the big trip. Well, you might ask, "will a day or two make a big difference?". The answer is - Simona (nice photo, hey?) is having a big birthday party in Phoenix on the 19th and we would love to make it in person instead of just in spirit.....

Got to run....


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Missing The Point

Good Early Morning,

The politics of division. It makes me sad and ill. Current Point in case - global warming. There is so much confusion, money, and disagreement about the cause but most everyone agrees that we must do something!!

It really doesn't matter what is causing this life changing and planet condition but if we don't do anything but point fingers and fall apart as people we shall surely condemn a bright future for our children. I, for the life of me, don't understand why every living soul on earth does not support the Global Warming Conference.

There has never been a greater challenge for the human race. Please call your elected Representative and ask him to put aside their differences and just fix the problem. We have the ability to do it, we lack only the will! Do something yourself easy - put on an extra layer and turn down the thermostat. Love your family. If we continue to pretend this problem does not exist we surely condemn this beautiful planet to waste.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Breaking News!

Good Evening Readers,

After a long hard day at work I arrived home to get some exciting news! Weng took Kawena to the dollar store and she got a new purple hat! (how can they sell things sooo cheap anyway?) Then, more good news - Francis received his first report card from the 7th grade. His school is an 'International Baccalaureate' learning institution so grades are important. Of a possible 4.0 top score he
finished 4.0 in
all categories!!

Job Well Done Son!! Now the pressure is on to help Thomas John and take a little pressure off of mom.


ps. this old 'puter is acting up again, that's why the text is all goofy.

John Lennon Rest In Peace

Dear Warm Hearted Readers,

It was 29 years ago that John Lennon was murdered in front of his home. His words have touched every living human on this earth - young and old, of every color, political persuasion and religious belief. His ghost and the ghosts of every other great man of peace, art and community weep tears of "how did the world come to this place?" for all of us alive in these times. Not a perfect man, not always one to practice what he preached, he none the less set an example of what we could be. There are those among us who remember when he remarked that the Beatles were more well known than Jesus. He was only somewhat correct - his words and the way they move us are the zenith of collective soul.


Rest In Peace John Lennon

Monday, December 7, 2009

Below Freezing

Good Morning Monday Readers,

The news today:

Here in Portland Oregon - very cold! Good thing I am working indoors most of the day! My thoughts are warm with visions of familiar roadmarks on the way to Aticama. I am hoping that the frigid weather here will not delay our blastoff. Our ducks are not all yet in a row but they are in the pond.

Tiger Woods. Dude! Well, it is not surprising really. Must be a real drag to be at the top of your game, be super rich, be handsome and healthy, have it all, and have to deal with the constant temptation of zillions of vivacious women throwing themselves at you! Very few of us will ever understand what that is like......I don't know what to think about it.....

Meanwhile, over in Europe, world leaders are meeting to do something about global warming. No doubt the biggest issue to ever face the human race. If only it could get the same coverage as Tiger.....

Thomas John and Kawena got their report cards. Weng will no doubt post about that soon! My island girl wife, like the tropical creature she is, has entered into the hibernation mode. Too little sun, to much cold weather.......

Working on the little trailer - it will tow the 'Big Red' atv behind 'La Chiba' to Mexico. 26 years old, this little atv is a champ and will shuttle us around Aticama. At 40 mpg, she will give the old Dodge a welcome rest after a warp speed trip from Portland south. Yep, we are planning on a non-stop, relay driver, 60 miles per hour sprint!!

Off to work.....

Be warm.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Good News From Aticama

Good Evening Readers,

Yesterday Weng spoke with Juana In Aticama. Juana is one really fine human being. Now 28 or so, she has been a friend of the family for many years and was present the night Kawena was born in Tepic. She has one of the most golden hearts I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Single, Master Massage Instructor, Strong and resourceful, She also is very civic minded. She holds our daughters property in a Mexican Trust until 'V' turns 21. We in return have helped her become an 'Ejidotarian' - member of the local governing body. She is now studying constitutional law, preparing to run for elected 4 person council next election! This is
terrific news because she has the spiritual health of the pueblo in her soul.


She was elected La Reina de Aticama (The Princess) for the upcoming Annual Founding of the pueblo Gran Fiesta on Dec. 15!!

Congrats Juana - good on you!!



PS Check out todays "ReadFrancis" blog. Really funny.

It's Cold

Chilly Readers,

Today we woke up and it was 28deg. outside! Hard to get out of bed. Ducks win the War Of The Roses and now must play the mighty Ohio Buckeyes. Obama Partygate. Tiger Woods. Seems like so much attention on the Tempests In The Teapot. Wonder what is going on underground?

Mexico is waiting, I'm off to work.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama, War, 911 And What It All Means

"You Can Run But You Cannot Hide"

Powerful, scorching words of truth. No one really wants to think about it. One year ago America elected a man of the people to change America. Wall after Wall was thrown up. Every imaginable pressure and force and mind persuasion was thrown in his path. Now, this man must make a terrible decision that no one should ever really have to make. War. Lives. Effects on other lives.

Damn. And what do we, joe six pack, do to help? Little if anything. Complain about the cost of everything (who wrecked the economy anyway? and where is g. bush now?), pretend the world is ok (really, really think about that one), or just be too damn tired to do anything about it....

Blame Obama. Easy, right? If we dont stand with him then we let our enemies, home and abroad, send us to our own damnation. Harsh? Perhaps. Be honest with yourself - is what is going on in the world the best thing we can do?

I say, tell your friends to get off of their butts, search out the truth amongst the media b.s. and make a few phone calls to people who make decisions for us. Stop throwing away your leftovers and give them to the local shelters if they will take them and pull your kid off of the video kill games. And I could say more.


ps. BE SURE to check out the new ThinkMusic posting - the song 'Imagine' at the big benefit for 9/11 nearly ten years ago.....

The Road To Aticama, Current Blast Off...

Good Evening Readers,

Life is compressing madly as we approach Blast Off To Aticama.... A million zillion things yet to do and time is short! We are never sure of the exact details of 'for sure 'this long' or ' how to make this happen' or ' jee, dear looks like this amount of time now...' I have been blessed with friends who need home repair and I am now working like crazyman to make the necessary pesos to power us to the warmth and work of Aticama!! It is possible that many of you out there may think that we travel south to vacation...

well, that aint the way it is!! Between home schooling for Thomas, ('V' and Francis attend mexican public school), garden work, home repair, social commitments, tweaking the solar system, railroading in the new access road, helping the neighbors, and working the fruit orchards we are very, very busy!!.

It is interesting to live 10 feet from the ocean and have time to take a dip only once a week.....hmmm...

Not to mention friends who visit..... for 20 years I begged my pals to visit... to no avail... the stock " i cant because _______________________ (you fill in the blank)" or 'it's too dangerous" or " you are nuts" and on and on and on.. WELL, now, its "NICE!!!" or " can we stop by.....?"

You get the picture. My guitar and I will steal precious moments I assure you....


ps. the map is one I made 15 years ago.... at that time the Hotel Delfin was still in existance (for all of you 'Road To Aticama' followers - my room was on the top floor in the foreground)....YOU CAN CLIK ON THE PHOTO TO MAKE IT LARGER

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Oregon Civil War

Good Morning Travel Readers,

In a couple of days the Oregon Beavers & The Oregon Ducks will battle it out in the annual Football Civil War. The winner goes to the Rose Bowl!! I have not watched an entire football game in the USA for more than a decade. Hmm.....

Jorge of Tioga Fame has had a bad case of the 'Mechanical Going Back To Mexico Blues'. I am among the many good will wishers. I am sure that if he can beat cancer he can sure heal his trusty rig!!. Some have suggested that Ms. Tioga is too old for a reliable life but I say that is pure bunk. It makes little difference how old something (or someone) is - it all depends on how well maintained. Myself and my little family are proof positive of that!

Got to run, the money thing calls......