Sunday, November 8, 2009

YIkes! Yikes! Yikes! I Think Its All Good

Good Morning Readers,

Please excuse any new 'pop up ads' or other strange activities that you may encounter while reading my blog! I am not prepared to give up on AdSense by any means - Weng and I have crafted a, hopefully, reasonable appeal to the AdSense Team. Included in our appeal is an offer to send to them, at our expense, our laptop so that they may examine it. While I believe that we have been victimized by some sort of internet monster I do not believe that Google disabled our accounts without some sort of reason! I have read dozens of horror appeal stories to every successful one on the subject over the last week and have developed this notion - 'It is, after all, their business'. I am hopeful that both Weng and I will soon be reinstated.

While dealing with this issue I have found that there are alternatives in the online Ad world that can act to supplement AdSense and I have decided to try a few of these out on my blog. One is called AdBright, another is InfoLinks. I'm really not sure how they work yet but it should be fun finding out! These services all have rules about what a publisher (like me) can say and do and that is fair. I think I can tell you that there will be new ads appearing in boxs and that they should look, like AdSense, different from the rest of my blog. You can be sure that I will not do anything that will pave a visual or audio trail to them - I am trying to keep my blog clean and easy to read!! If any of the new ads annoy you just comment and I will ask to have them changed.

Also, many words in my blog are now underlined. I think that they lead you to some sort of information on products but I am gun-shy to click them for fear I may violate some rules!

So, why are were bothering with the Ad thing at all? Several reasons really; a belief in a level playing field in the common market and the value of advertising your product to those who want to make an informed comparison before purchasing an item; the absolute need to change our advertising media - targeted electronic ads cost the seller only a fraction of printed material (not to mention the tremendous savings to our natural environment i.e. logging and its consequences); and, just as importantly, a tiny fee for bringing buyer and seller together that can grow with the popularity of a well written blog.

Accessing a well written, entertaining or informative blog costs you, the reader, nothing. Whether a blog reaches 5 people or a whole nation demands the same effort on the part of it's author.


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