Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I Am Thankful For

Good Thanksgiving Morning Eaters,

I am quite sure that there are millions of people out there blogging away about how thankful they are for their friends, family, health and stuffed bird on the table and so am I. All for good reason and all known and appreciated by all. While I was in the shower a little while ago I was thinking about it all - what am I really thankful for?

The answer? The little things. I am thankful for the smell and the first taste of my morning coffee. The miracle of hot water, soap and a sharp razor for my face. Weng's 30 year old beater washing machine. That Kawena left half of the towel dry for me to use. Thankful that the human soul inspires art and music and how that moves my moment. That the digital medium provides me a forum to share my wacky ramblings and the roof over my head where the rain falls hard and soft.

The greatest thing in my life however that I am thankful for is simple. The Freedom of Choice.

I am always aware of this gift of choice. Perhaps it is because of my life with Weng and her background, my life among the 'poor' in Mexico or the work I have done with the homeless here in America where often the only choice one has is whether to live or die.

In a few hours we will take the turkey Weng has roasted all night and share it with our friends Augustine and Maria and their children, under the roof of their old mobile home in Wood Village, near the Columbia Gorge. Thanksgiving, in my eyes, is the best holiday in the country and we should all be proud of it!



  1. Well said. I try to be aware and thankful everyday of something important small or large. We in America are all so fortunate. And I try to tell the ones around me that I love them often, but it could be more often and more consistent. You inspire me to get better at it again.

  2. your words are kind and well taken!