Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tough Weng

Good Mid-Morning Readers,

Tommy John returned from the doctor yesterday, and, his cold has developed into a nasty sinus infection. While Kawena and Francis seem to be on the mend I seem to have joined Tom in the land of nasal agony. A hot shower and lots of liquid and I am blinking and grousing about the weather as I gather tools for todays work in Portland. I am enjoying crafting together a fine basement bathroom in a nice hillside neighborhood and I consider myself lucky to have the work in these troubled economic times. Weng seems to be nearly invincible to the flu - she is the rock of the family and without her love and kindness we would all be in freefall.

The photos are of Francis as a toddler. With Weng on a boat off the island of Camiguin and styling in San Francisco


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