Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Something For Everyone

Good Morning,

Yesterday I mentioned 'Black Friday'. So, a few minutes ago, while checking the news on the local tv station, I see an ad for Best Buy - new HP laptops for $197.00! BLAMO! Straight to the core of my current need. Ouch. My laptop is still in the 'home hospital', waiting for some miracle of time and money to save it.

So, do I think they will have a laptop for everyone that wants to buy one? Hmmmmm.....



  1. No, I'm sure they'll have a limited # and you'll have to camp out in line overnite to get one of the few. Just like you see on the news. Take a lounge chair and a sleeping bag. And GOOD LUCK!

  2. It was a tough decision! Laptop or a pair of tires for the family van. Right. Both are made in china but a laptop will not prevent the van from sliding around in a corner in the rain!