Friday, November 6, 2009

Sick Leave

Hello Again Readers,

Well, the flu got us! Francis, Thomas and Kawena May came down with it. Then our laptop got it. Now I have it. Yikes. Yesterday was a big day - we put the new construction paper on the house to seal it up in preparation for the new (actually used but great condition salvage) clear cedar siding. Ladders and staple guns and lots of carbs were burnt. Almost finished the job when darkness set in. Last night the flu hit me and today I am writing from the comfort of my bed. Nothing like a forced day off! Weng is still strong and healthy but annoyed that she is having trouble attaching photos to her blog because she is using her old clunker machine. Not to worry though, attitudes are high and we are getting more excited every day as our Mexico blastoff date approaches.



  1. I love reading about your Mexico trips and plans. I read Weng and send her comments all the time. Ask her about LindaSue.

    I would love to take a trip to Mexico. When it gets closer I will have some questions for you.

    Hope you and the little ones get better soon.


  2. When will you be leaving for Mexico. I missed it and can't seem to locate your plans.

  3. Well, if all goes well we will leave about December 18th and hope to have Christmas under the Palm Trees. We will take twinke lights, of course.