Monday, November 2, 2009

The Road To Aticama, Part 14, Fast Forward To My Life Changing Epiphany

Good Evening Friends,

Ever notice how you can never find a pencil when you need it? Then, when you find it, the lead is broken? Well, that is how it has been around here for the last few days, only on a modern level - Weng's computer has been seriously attacked by a virus just when we needed it most! Blogging about Francis's Birthday!

So, what does finding Aticama have to do with this event? Everything.

In the last chapter Michelle and Denise had hijacked me to the jungle waterfalls at El Cora. Lots more was to follow in the months to follow and here I must beg your indulgence while I fast forward 4 Mexican road trip months to a life changing event in my life. Having gone pyramid chasing for some time we decided to visit the beautiful Gulf Coast Port of Veracruz. What a town!! To the south of the city a grand river empties into the gulf and we decided to air up the Zodiac boat and go for a paddle off the coastline. Hot day. Calm seas when a really big 'sneaker wave' took us by surprise - tossing the zodiac end for end and dropping us all in the ocean. Not good for people like me who cant swim.
Fortunately, a month or so earlier we had met Jess and Kath, a young married couple from Europe touring Mexico. Jess just happened to be a life guard. He saw us take the deep six and was in the water in a flash, swimming like a madman to save us. And he did. The bandages on my right hand were tangled up in the guylines and the zodiac brought me up like a cork. On the way up, while underwater, I saw Michelle being sucked out to deep water. Next thing I knew Jess was there pulling her up to safety.

Back on the beach we were all there, except for my glasses. I was blind without them. Rats. Jess took 3 or 4 dives to look, but they were gone.

Back in those days it was not possible to get glasses in an hour in the USA, let alone Mexico. I was told that it would be 7 to 10 working days so we rented a hotel room near the central plaza and became fish soup tourists. All of the restaurants offered fresh fish soup every afternoon with the purchase of beer. And we drank lots. And lots. And danced with wild abandon and youth.

And then it happened. Around day 6 or so, at sunset, with me seeing double from too much drink, I took a walk to clear my head and found myself in a small corner of a rose garden, sitting on a very old stone bench. Shortly a very old Mexican man shuffled over and sat down. He was blind. We talked about fish. And women. Then, out of the blue, he asked "So, where are your children?"

I started to answer when a bolt of clear warm light blasted clean through me, I could feel the earth turn and I started to cry......

to be continued


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