Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Preparing For Mexico

Good Evening Friends,

It is an amazing dance that we find ourselves in about this time every year as we prepare for out trip south. Hundreds of connections and details. Tonight was a discussion of Thomas John's educational needs with his teacher at Bonny Slope Elementary. From reading Weng's blog you may be aware that Tommy is somewhat challenged in his reading skills. There is a lot to consider - will he fall further behind in his studies without the special help he receives here or will the life experience of living in a different culture be beneficial as it has in the past when he was younger? The answer is to be found in how effective we are at home schooling.

It is late and I had hoped to craft another chapter of The Road To Aticama but the laptop Weng and I use to do our blogs has become infected with some nasty monster that has resulted in the loss of both our AdSense features. We are now afraid to use it at all because it may give up some of our personal information to the monsters masters. Just as soon as we can work it out we are going to Apple machines. After all, it is what they use in elementary schools!


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