Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Impressive Service!!

Morning Friends,

Only a minute but I wanted to thank, again, the support team at Clicksor! I was delighted to open my email and see another message from them regarding the 'pop up fake virus alert' - they asked for pertainte info to deal with the issue, and thanks to Reader 'tibbar', I was able to send them what they needed right away. I may be easily impressed but they do seem sincere and have made my concerns their own. I look forward to using their service in my little blog.



  1. Since Weng doesn't have a place to leave comments on her blog, I'm posting this here. I just want to add my Yay! and congratulations to all--Weng, you, the IEP--but especially T2, for finding his way into the wonderful world of reading. Way to go!!!

  2. thanks, I will see that she gets the message!