Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Depot & Black Friday

Good Morning Saturday Readers,

Want vs. Need. Yikes! What happens when the two converge? Well, yesterday that happened to me. While picking up supplies for work at my local Home Depot I got bushwacked! The battery in my trusty Dewalt Screwgun has died recently and a new one was almost $70.00. Ugh. This is a tool I use a lot. And, as fate would have it I had just got paid when, there before me, gleaming like a yellow and black sun, was a display of Dewalt Screwguns. $100.00 for a brand new one with TWO batteries! I had to think fast because they were literally flying of the shelf by crazed construction workers. I had just bought two tires and said goodbye to the possibility a new $200.00 laptop, now I was saying goodbye to a new pair of badly need workboots and hello to a tube of shoegoop...... I say my hand stretch out in front of me and grab one of the few left.......the deed was done!

Later, on the job, I opened my hard earned treasure, squeezed the trigger and........ click, click, click - defective high speed gears!! My heart sank but I kept my composure. Later, after work, I returned to my local Home Depot to exchange the tool but, alas!, all gone! No notion when a new shipment would arrive my face and attitude fell like a brick into the bay. Thats when one of the 'associates' asked if I would consider a substitute - same company but slightly different model of the same value. No worries.

Alls well that ends well.



  1. Do you have Harbor Freight up there? Great deals on tools. You could get an 18V drill for around $25 if you don't mind an off brand.

  2. Heyya Don, long time! Yea, we have a Harbor Freight here and I have bought many things there, in fact I was there yesterday, and they do have some terrific deals.