Monday, November 16, 2009

Good News!

Evening Friends,

Well, Leslie of Clicksor Company, got in touch with me today via email to address the concerns I had regarding the content of their advertising business. Mostly. She fixed it so that there would not be any more 'porn' (read adult) ads but did not have anything to say yet about the 'fake virus' business so I will wait to reinstall the service. What was nice though was that she included a direct phone number to get in touch with her about my concerns!! I have to admit that that is good service!! I have tried, in vain now for almost two weeks to find a way to reach the folks at AdSense and I have yet to hear a word from them about reinstating my account or for how to fix the problem with my blog ad placement multi error messages that have been an issue for 3 or 4 weeks now (I lose track)- hmmm..... (I am not prepared to pass judgment yet however as my research into the matter indicates that dis-connection of AdSense accounts seems to be happening to a lot of people for some reason and it surely must take a lot of time to get back to all of the folks affected. I am a very patient person in my 'older years')

More good news - I have not heard back from any readers about the pop up fake virus alert yet so I am hoping that it is now taken care of. I will however, give Leslie a call tomorrow about the virus pop up thingie to make sure.

And that is it for now, so, good night, sleep well and stay as warm as you want to be.



  1. This morning I listened to your "Chanda Mama" music link. Loved it! Especially loved, Tula from Tel Aviv, Israel. What a woman!

    Su amigo,

  2. Have not seen any popups look good. Heading up yor way for thanksgiving to salem looking forward to the rain. Here in california it just can't rain, been watering my winter garden.

  3. The virus my Avast virus program stopped when I opened up your page is ""JS:Downloader-FT [Trj]" Perhaps this information can be of help to you.