Saturday, November 21, 2009

Giving Clicksor Another Try & Trying To Work Out The Blog Bugs!

Good Morning Friends,

I am sitting in the 'Waves Of Grain' coffee and pastry shop here in Cannon Beach Oregon enjoying a real tasty cup 'o joe.
The folks at Clicksor have been very responsive to my concerns regarding the problems I encountered with their ad service so I have decided to give them another try in supplimenting our family income! Let me know if you have any bad things come of this and I will deal with it right away. As of this writing I still have not heard back from the AdSense Support Team as to when they will reinstate my account but I imagine that they are very busy and will get around to getting in touch as soon as they can. I heard a story the other day on National Public Radio about Google and its history and its place in the world. Amazing! Astonishing really how such a thing came to be and how it touches our life in so many ways. Like billions of other people on earth I have found their services to be handy, efficient and all without cost! I hope to visit their headquarters some day and marvel at what the mind of man can do when challenged to move in creative direction.

I am off now to visit the 'Hokey Pokey Place'. Some 23 years ago I bought an acre of ocean cliffside land along the beautiful Oregon coast in the small town of Bay City. At the time it was considered worthless but I saw a beauty in it's rugged steep forest. It has 4 or 5 old growth trees on it, including one of the largest and oldest Sitka Spruce Trees left on this planet. Really. Well, it is 40 scenic miles down highway 101 so I'd better get moving.


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