Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Good Morning Day After Turkey People,

I hope that you all had enough to eat!! I know that we did. Weng was a champ, a kitchen diva with the attitude of Mother Teresa. The kids were great and well behaved as we enjoyed our meal with friends. We arrived home around 7 pm and went straight to bed, slept 12 yours and now it is morning.

All across America it is Black Friday and people are out shopping. I am sure that it is all with the best intention and I wish them all the best of luck in getting what they want. I am off to work with a quick stop at the bank. So, what is it that we are going to buy today? Just water, $42.00 to the pay this months water bill. And we are thankful for that!

Hey, Kawena May just entered the room. My current nick name for her is 'Corn Flake'. No reason really, she doesn't eat corn flakes (she likes Oat-o'-Meal), but she does like nick names!


ps. Happy Birthday Jorge of Ms.Tioga & Crew Fame!! Living proof that youth is timeless.

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