Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Big Thank You To All Of My Readers

Good Sleepy Morning All,

Hope that you are all doing well! I have spent 5 of the last 10 days sick with the flu and I would not wish it on anyone for any reason! I am pleased to report that I things are better after going through no less than 4 box's of tissue and 3 'so-so' movies. Having been blessed with one of those iron clad immune systems for most of my life I must confess that this last year has been a real challenge. As I look back upon my short blog time I realize that the bulk of it has been 'under the weather' and my postings certainly reflect it!

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you, my readers, again for taking precious time with a grain of salt to consider my ramblings. I wish I could tell you that our life is one magic minute following another and that adventure was on our heels at every corner. I cannot tell you that. Adventure comes and goes and mostly you have to work really hard to prepare for it. I have found that one of the greatest adventures is when I am surprised by Francois's current school project (this one on Global Warming - to be found in his blog) or Thomas's construction of a 'lizard ramp' or Kawena's proud beaming face as she shows me her completed kindergarten homework. Or last yesterday afternoon while miserable with the flue and Weng shoving a big spoonful of 'Dirt' (local bee pollen) in my direction and commanding me to "eat it Sweetie".

The Point? Well, it is easy at times to let the world and the gloom of illness paint your life grey and small. But, through this wonderful new medium of the digital age I can draw comfort from knowing that readers like you out there can relate. Our little family is preparing for another grand adventure soon and it feels the world to me like we are sitting in the station while the locomotive is building up steam for the trip. I expect our postings may be a little light over the next few weeks as time is short and we 'gather our potatoes.


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