Friday, October 16, 2009

The Road To Aticama, A Word From Our Narrator

Good Evening Readers,

I have been working like a crazy man to clean, sort, give away or toss over 30 years of STUFF away!! Building a builder I salvage a lot of materials. I really hate to see it go to the dump. Large objects left by pals 20 years ago like 1956 School Buses and Dump Trucks and things. Today a nice thing left - our old Trooper. She was a diamond in the ruf. She brought in a months house payment for us and made a poor family of 5 a steady beast of transportation. I was so busy that I forgot to take a photo of the old girl.

Then I pulled (well mostly, it got way to dark to finish the last little bit) the motor and transmission out of our first little tercel wagon. Someone crashed into the back years ago and now its time to salvage what is good and then off to the scrapper. Weng has the same car so this will keep it going for many years to come at little or no cost.

Well, one of the big things of stuff that we have is a big tank full of 600 gallons of really good heating fuel. On and off for some time I have been checking the net for a good oil cabin heater. Hard to find! Last night I found her on craigslist - a beautiful brown boxy hot tamale, fresh from a 69 year run warming the buns of nudists in a cabin from a little 40's resort in Oregon's Coast Range. Her name is Spark DeLux and, like the Mexicans of Matanchen Bay long ago, she also has a face full of chrome teeth. This is exciting economical news for us also - by using the salvaged heating oil and Spark we stand to save hundreds of dollars in utility costs - money that will propel us south over the upcoming holidays.

Well, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow friends are coming by to help with the final cleanup push.

ps.. actual photos of Spark DeLux. Muy Callente!!


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  1. The Spark looks a lot like the heater in my Grandfather's house in the '50s in North Dakota. (Altho my memory isn't that good as I was just a young kid...). I do remember rushing downstairs from a FREEZING bedroom to get dressed around the heater when we stayed overnight. And we couldn't touch it or we'd get burned. But that was high tech in the '50s in a very small town in N.D.