Monday, October 19, 2009

The Road To Aticama, Part 10, What Bob Had To Say

Good Morning Friends,

Bob Brown is a visionary. I don't think he set out to be one, I think he was just in the right place with the right attitude at the right time. Think, with your mind's eye, about a tall, good looking southern California Beach Boys surfer kinda guy with a giant smile and box square face. I was walking by a little restaurant on the little town square there in Santa Cruz. It was mid afternoon and we had been camped for 4 or 5 days and I still hadn't gotten around to visiting Aticama. Bob, who looked like a character from Jungle Book, shirtless with torn grubby cut off jeans, gave me a shout, inviting me over for a sit down. The table and chairs were made of crude wood with loads of old flaking paint, shiny from use, cleaning and reuse. Bob was eating fish tacos and he offered me one. Spicy. Big chunks of green pepper mixed with Marlin. Pacifico beer soo cold it froze my throat going down. Bob was pumping me for information about the states. I told him it was old news but he didn't care. News here was hard to come by - the nearest place to buy a paper was 40 minutes away in San Blas and that paper might be a week old. No radio. He wanted to know all about me, why I was here, what did I think of Reagan, would I stay long, did I like the jungle, did I know how to fix his VW Van and were the girls I was traveling with attached? I did not know it at the time but these were not just idle questions. What were my plans?

Well, I told him that we were planning to spend 'who knows how long touring Mexico'. He smiled telling me that his past was similar. That he found Matanchen Bay while chasing the perfect wave. Then he told me that he could have spent his whole life just chasing this dream but he fell in love and that became the 'terra buena' for his roots. He told me then and there that I was a lucky man and, in fact, I did feel lucky. It got tropical dark fast that day and I excused myself to rejoin my pals. Standing up he invited me to visit his home the next day. I said "sure, where do you live?"
"Next to the campground at the point, in the Filipino style house, I can see your van through the palm trees" he said and I was off.


ps. while I did not take the above photo, it is a photo of the beach between Sta. Cruz and Miramar. I did take photos during my first visit there, (remember film?), and it is possible that I have them somewhere...... Bob Browns place is in the near left hand corner.

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  1. Foj- great post! It's so nice to hear about your past and the wonderful stories in Matachen Bay. It's always so hard to spend time and talk and enjoy because we all have so many responsibilities. Thanks for entertaining us!