Thursday, October 22, 2009

Naked Coffee Man, Is This Fair?

Good Morning Again Friends,

Most mornings I get up early enough to read a bit of news on the internet before I begin my day. Occasionally something will come up that makes me think about the world we live in and the freedoms we enjoy and today was such a day. The photograph here is of a 29 year old single father living someplace in Virginia named Eric. He was arrested yesterday for brewing coffee in his own kitchen alone in the dark 5:30 am early morning. Well, it turns out that he had just got out of bed and was naked. Ok, the guy is not a criminal or sex pervert or even a reality show host. He is an employed diver and devoted father living in a nice clean house. Turns out that some people were taking a shortcut through his yard on the way to a path that leads somewhere when one of the people, a 7 year old boy, spotted him and told his mom. I guess she had to take a look to see if the boy was correct and apparently he was so shortly afterward the cops arrived and hand cuffed Eric. Now he is facing a possible year in jail and a $2,000.00 fine. Wonder who will take care of his daughter while he is in jail and I wonder if the money will be spent paying the police who arrested him? In defending their actions the investigators said that 'he wanted to be seen naked'?

Really? Who did he want to be seen by? People trespassing on his lawn at 5:30 am? Also, in these tight economic times (or any times for that matter) is it the best use of our valuable police time and energy doing stuff like this?

The point is this, should we all live in fear, in our own homes, of stepping out of the shower naked or getting up to take a leak in the middle of the night or even making coffee just because we are without clothes? Might as well buy stock in a hand cuff manufacturing company cause business is gonna be brisk if the cops and personal freedom control freaks get their way on this one.



  1. So when does a peeping tom not wind up in jail that is nuts. The cops should have jailed the mom and kid.
    Cool Bill

  2. This is crazy. This is like the government deciding they can arrest you if you smoke in your house when you have kids. Hmmmm. Gotta think about that one. Not sure what to think yet.

  3. Nuts is the only word to describe this. Privacy in your own home seems to still be a right. Hopefully common sense will prevail - even in Virginia.
    OTOH, I just read a follow up article and the cops say he intentionally flashed and may have done it before. It all depends n the evidence.