Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Tools

Good Morning Readers,

Success. Failure. Yesterday I got loads of work mostly finished.Today will see another big push. Building, auto wrenching, dismantling, moving and tired feet are on today's agenda. And for this I need Tools. The most important tools are, of course, My Hands.

All of the rest of the tools use hands to make them do anything. So, lets do the list:

Mr. DeWalt electric screw gun. The Drill- if you want to get an all around drilling job done then this is the machine.

Ryboi portable 18v. screw gun. Not to expensive but great value around the house.

Porter - Cable Sawzall. Nice. Brutal. Need to cut something? Hold on!

Porter - Cable Mag Left Hand Circular. 7.5" of exact, lightweight controlled fury.

Porter - Cable Sawboss. 5" blade for tight spots.

Electric Impact Wrench. Harbor Freight tools. Inexpensive but strong and reliable. Loads and loads of sockets.

Man 'O Man, this could take a while!! I have compressors and table saws and routers and mason tools and concrete mixers and pressure washers and chainsaws and hammers and electric hammers and hammer tackers and extension cords and plumbing tools and electrical tools and knives and all sorts of lights and trailers and wheelbarrows and more I'm forgetting and,of course my old Mazda Pick Up Truck. Getting lots done with this shop of tools.

No wonder my hands hurt at the end of the day!


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