Friday, October 2, 2009

Keeping It Interesting While Feeling A Bit Off

Hello Again Readers,

It takes a certain discipline to find the time to put together a daily blog! I really enjoy writing it and then posting that little bit of my personal history - it is really like a public journal. I lead a busy life and it is not always easy to juggle all of the elements contained within it. Like most people, I find that, after a hard day's work, it is easy to hit the ol' snoozer button once to often the next morning!! In a few minutes I will be cleaning out our old 80's era refrigerator, dragging it up to the highway, plugging it in with the 'way long extension cord' and letting the friendly folks from the Oregon Energy Trust come and take it away. Here in Oregon, which is a wonderfully progressive state, there is a program that will give you $30 for your old fridge so that it can be correctly recycled. Fantastic idea!

Yesterday, on my way back from working on Mt. Hood, I met a retired man named Bill who lives in a place called Damascus. I expect that every state in the Union has a town called that. Well, Oregon's Damascus is nestled in the beautiful western Cascade Mountain foothills about 30 minutes drive from Portland. I acquired some RV deep storage batteries and an inverter from him (for our Rv, 'La Bonita') and I can say that I was impressed by his generosity of spirit and with the physical layout of his charming home and grounds. Bill is retired now and we touched on the topic of Mexico living. We could have talked all day but I had to run off to the rescheduled Cedar Park Middle School Open Night to meet with Francis's teachers and check out his 7th grade curriculum. That is another story and I hope to drop a few lines regarding it tonight. If you are out there reading this blog Bill, "good on ya!" and hope to hear from you soon.

Now it's a little after 10am already and, after I finished cleaning the old fridge and dragging it up to the road I totally ran out of energy and crashed!! I am a bit ashamed to say it, but, after a sleepless night, I find that I am feeling ill,dizzy, grumpy and out of sorts. I cleaned the kitchen just now but I am afraid that is all that I will be able to manage this morning. I canceled my work day, my long delayed haircut and the oil change I was planning on giving my Musty Troder (the pickup). I hate to let others down but I am sure that, after 4 or 5 hours of good sleep I will feel recharged and pick up the pace again!



  1. Just curious as to why you had to plug it in before it gets taken to be recycled?

  2. Hello Don,

    It is my understanding that the energy trust is able to sell the compressor to a company that will refurbish it for use in another use. They came today and politely took it away from the curb. I do appreciate your questions and comments.