Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just A Quick Hello!

Hello Again Folks,

The last couple of days have been 'Catch Up On Sleep Days'! I conked the old noggen Tuesday whilst moving some things in the house (in the winterizing process) and raised a nasty lump which ached like a big one for days...... all better now and I am off with Augustine to Mt. Hood this morning to get him set up on a big outdoor rock job. I have to do a little under the house inspection on the same site, ah yes... laying in the nice cold mud in the dark with spiders looking for cracks in the foundation and stuff like that. Ugly but pays the bills and the area is very pleasant and the air is fantastic. First off to Home Depot with the Musty Troder to pick up a load of concrete, then drive up the Columbia River Gorge (amazingly beautiful area). This evening it is off to open house at Francis's middle school. All in all it will be a most splendid day!


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