Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Hardest Job In The World

Good Morning Friends,

Ever notice that as one gets older it gets harder to get out of the nice warm bed without 8 hours of sleep? This is true for me! I was planning on continuing my Aticama story today but I feel compelled to write a little about the surprise that greeted the world yesterday - the President of the United States of America won the Nobel Peace Prize! The Number One Most Prestigious Award In The World. How could such a thing have happened to one so young with so little time in his position? The liberal and conservative forces of the world, no, the entire population was taken off guard and it seems that everyone has an opinion. Well, I am no different. I believe the answer lies in one word -


Obama was elected President by a resounding majority of Americans because we all know that the world is in really, really big trouble.

I don't have to list the reasons, we all know what they are. We all know that things cannot continue the way they have. WE must change our ways. It is time for the USA to step up, show real and true leadership, make real and true changes and to do so we must HELP the person we elected to make those changes. For the sake of our children. For the future of mankind. It is fine to disagree with how to do it but we must take action NOW. Do the right thing readers, call your elected Representative and tell them to swallow hard, put the people before the lobbyists, and join in Obama's effort. Stop being lazy and complacent. Remember that we are in this global mess for one reason - greed. The old standby excuse that "we didn't know" just doesn't play anymore. This is an enlightened age and we have only ourselves to blame. When you look in the mirror tell yourself the truth. Read the papers. Dare yourself to count the homeless sleeping on the street if you live in a city. Ask yourself why we spend billions of dollars every year on the national overweight problem.

Do something about it. It is just plain wrong to sit back and say "well I don't agree with Obamas position on this or that, or he is only half white so I will let things go to hell cause its not the way I feel about it." It is time to grow up people. Start working together. Talk about it with your neighbors, at the gas station, at the grocery store, on the street. Dont stand by and let this great oppertunity pass us by.

Finally, finishing these remarks, remember this - He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and no one, repeat, no one has ever had a harder job in the entire history of the world. I urge you to support him with your actions, your time and your comments. Please do this for the sake of us all.

He has asked for your input and help so put him to task and take 10 minutes from your favorite non productive pastime and write to him at:

He may well deserve the Nobel Peace Prize but it is up to us all to make him earn it.


Yikes! Late for work but worth it. Tomorrow I will post part 8 of my Aticama story!


  1. Good for Mr. Obama. I might point out one little thing in your post that many might disagree with. 52% is not really a "resounding majority" but he did get the majority of votes. Of course we also should point out that according to Rasmussen and Zogby there are now more people who disapprove of him than approve.

    But at any rate good for the country in having it's president get the prize and all that money. Hopefully he'll donate it to a good cause.

  2. Just to add when you made this comment "and no one, repeat, no one has ever had a harder job in the entire history of the world" I'm thinking maybe all the presidents who were in office during previous wars and depressions might disagree with you. You know, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Bush. All those Presidents that had to deal with wars certainly had a hard job.