Monday, October 26, 2009

Francis Emiliano Zapata, Young Writer

Good Morning Friends,

You will notice a new feature on my blog located on the top left hand column. It is a link to my son Francis's daily blog. He will be 13 next week and is in the 7th grade. For sometime now he has been posting a blog with his thoughts and a fictional story or two. As his father I am proud and find his writing to be entertaining and informative regarding the world as seen through his eyes. I encourage you to read it from time to time and post encouraging comments!

Thank You & Salud


  1. OH NOES! (Embarrassment)
    Im scared! >.<

  2. Francisco, I just wanted to jump in and say hello. I enjoy reading your blog. It is so much more then Aticama and Mexican beaches.

    Your son Francis writing skills are astounding and I think you have a "boy genius"

    BTW clicking on the Google ads is interesting. Some are very well done and impart useful information. I encourage your readers to check them all out.

    Tioga George steered me to your interesting family and he has once again proven to be "Nomad Extraordinary"

  3. Thanks for the link to Francis's blog. He's an excellent writer and the elephant story is very imaginative. I think that he will have quite a readership soon. He might beat both you and Weng!

    I enjoy both your and Weng's blogs. You have a good mix of daily life , politics and eclectic ramblings. Keep it up!