Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Challenge Of Mexico In Hard Times

My recent posts; The Road To Aticama, has made me think a lot about the changing times over the last 3 decades. When I made the first trip to Matanchen Bay the entire (what came to be) six month tour of 29 Mexican states cost around $450.00. Not sure what that amount would be now today's dollars.......

Weng, the family and I are now entering the Mexican Blastoff Mode. This year's economy and my health has made this a challenge for sure! Perhaps some of you, my readers, have wondered how it is that we can pull off such a trip in light of this financial quagmire. well, it requires Life Finesse. At this moment we are cold stone broke with zero saved up for the trip.
Here is how it will all work!

First and Foremost the biggest reason we can do this is because our home here in Portland is nearly paid off. I bought it 28 years ago so the monthly payments are low. We rent to a friend while we are gone and that covers most of the basic costs.

Second. On the way south we stop and visit
friends in Phoenix. One owns a few apartments and there is always some repair work to be done. This money goes into the gas tank.

Third. When we arrive in Aticama where the house is paid off and costs only $17.00 dollars u.s. for annual federal taxs. The place is off the grid so no utility costs except a little fuel for the generator when doing laundry or running tools. There we live the the locals, bartering yard sale items we bring down for fresh food and fish. Our budget there for our family of 5 with dog is about $50.00 usdollars a week. Our children have a Mexican Family Trust that holds a couple of small fruit plantations, and, while there is no profit yet, there is a lot of fruit!!
We make our own bread and this year hope to construct a new outside solar fired oven. When its time to go north again we generally sell off all of the kitchen stuff and other things that we use day to day but dont need on the non-stop trip home. This money goes in the gas tank.

Finally, I am pretty good, this year an exception, at saving one for four - for every $4 I bring home I save $1 for Mexico. That will get us and 'La Bonita' there and back again and cover costs. This year we will be taking 'The Space Pod' - an old Toyota Sightseeing Mobile Bubble from Hawaii that I converted into a swift sailing mini land yacht. Great mileage and quicker. This is good as we are shortening our time south this year for several reasons, one of which is the new demands of our son Francis who was just selected to represent his 7th grade in the upcoming yearbook! Fantastic and it means a lot at his age. His birthday is soon so look for a big special blog about him.

Its late so I am off to bed.


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  1. I've got to compliment you. You have thriftiness down! Others who blog about their "simple" lives could learn a lot from you. (Some of them aren't so simple and are bogged down w/ a lot of materialism and high expenses still.) And you are examples for recycling, keeping green, buying used, etc. Good job!