Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bye Bye Black Bomber

Good Morning Readers,

This is a photo of my last time aboard my 1964 Honda Black Bomber. A bittersweet moment and the final chapter in my Vintage Motorbike Era. I have been riding now for 44 years and it has been a freedom that only a classic motorbike rider can understand. Just you and hundreds of pounds of machine. Raw with no windscreen, no turnsignals, no 'tuned suspension' - a master to beast relationship, one false move, one loss of attention and you are down. The passion of road vibration coursing through your body, tears in your eyes from the wind whipping your face, roar of rumbling exhaust in your ears.

20 years ago I was a King Of The Road. I had a collection of 10 or so vintage motorbikes. Norton, Matchless, MotoGuzzi, Triumph and the little Japanese oddball - The Honda Black Bomber. 5 years later I met Weng, my Mail Order Bride. Getting married to a woman from the other side of the world is no small feat, let me tell you! I costs a lot of money!! Adios steel steeds. I sold all save the 'Guzzi and the little Honda.

How the MotoGuzzi left is another interesting story, which leaves us with the Black Bomber. To tell the truth I did not feel as though I was doing her any justice by letting the years roll by unattended in the shed, getting rusty and waiting for fuel and the chance to be back on the road. So I listed her for sale and got dozens of replies for the most sought after machine that Honda has ever built. I selected a local enthusiast who paid my price and said goodbye. The money goes into the family fund.

You have met Weng and my little family now through her blogs. Did I do the right thing? Would I do it over again?

You bet your ride I would.


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  1. You made a very wise choice in choosing Weng!