Monday, October 26, 2009

Again With The Politics Papa?

Good Morning Friends,

Weng, my sweet wife, has twice as many readers as I do. She says that is because most people like to read personal blogs to take their minds off of the day to day grind and that political discussions and opinions to often remind us of what we must do to fulfill our responsibilities as citizens. She is probably right because often I am political. So, it is a fine line I draw when I venture forth in this arena - how to express an opinion without being divisive and yet still be entertaining?

Tough Call.

As a parent of young children I must consider their future as well as day to day needs. This includes helping to shape the world they will inherit someday. Once, a long time ago, a friend named Elizabeth told me that:

"Words are the most powerful thing we have as humans. With just words alone you can make a person cry tears of happiness or sadness. Make them angry or spur them to action. Make them think."

I believe that and so, at the risk of losing some precious readers, I feel compelled, again, to mention the ongoing debate over Health Care in this country. Only this time I will ask you all to act on the issue and it is easy. No matter how you feel about it, most agree that something must be done. Simply read the letter I received today and call you local representative and tell them what you want! That's it. Make a difference for us all.

Salud (which is Spanish for 'good health')

On the topic of a National 'Single Payer' Health Program

Here’s what Lucio said to Isabella in Act I Scene 4 of Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”:

Our doubts are traitors 

And make us lose the good we oft might win 

By fearing to attempt.

Earlier today I listened to a 17-minute recording of Representative Anthony Weiner talking by phone on 10/22/09 to – and responding to questions from – more than a hundred single-payer activists. If you are interested, please listen, take notes, think about what’s happening, and move the work forward in collaboration with others in your own actual or virtual groups.

Call and make a difference!!

Senator Jeff Merkley.......... Phone: 503-326-3386........... Fax: 503-326-2900

Senator Ron Wyden........... Phone: 503-326-7525........... Fax: 202-228-2717

Rep. David Wu................... Phone: 503-326-2901........... Fax: 503-326-5066

Rep. Earl Blumenauer......... Phone: 503-231-2300........... Fax: 503-235-4005

Rep. Kurt Schrader…………Phone: 503-557-1324…………..Fax: 503-557-1921

President Obama….See for e-mail, phone, FAX.

Thank you to Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

IN ADDITION, I encourage you to use the free fax (and phone) information posted at , to use the other tools posted there, and to subscribe to the free HealthJustice e-mail newsletter.

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