Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shorter Days & The Tricky Alarm Clock Dream

Ever had one of those dreams when you are reallllyyyy tired that tricks you into thinking that the alarm clock is somehow taken care of? That you dont really have to get up because the alarm going off is the sound that is telling you it is actually time to start a new dream? Yup....

We could not help ourselves last night - we watched America's Got Talent. I have loved talent shows my whole life. Just sooooo many dumb commercials!! And, of course, the act you want to see is always the last one of the show. In this case I am talking about Kevin Skinner, the soulful country (now) Kentucky ex-chicken catcher (really) who sings with the emotion of Johnny Cash but looks like your local, well, chicken catcher.....

Live Music Is Best.

I put a link in Think Music to his audition performance. See what you think.


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