Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Night With Bo Diddley

Hello Again Readers,

Oh Mona! Seems like a different world, for sure was a different time...... I was going totally crazy living the rock n roll life and running the Pyramid Club. Somehow I managed to book Bo Diddley in on a Saturday Night. You could put 325 people in the club and we musta had 500 people there! The show started at 10pm but the day started for me at 11am at the airport where I picked up Mr. Diddley. Part of his contract specified that he have a person with him all day to run him around. Another part required that he travel only in a vintage Cadillac. Here was my chance to play hookie and, fortunately, one of the guys in a band I was managing at the time (The Riflebirds) just happened to have a green 1968 Caddy Convertible! My element. Turned out that Bo had a daughter that lived in the area so we spent the day driving around Portland looking for presents, seeing the sights, eating at restaurants, and generally having a real good time. Now, the thing about the Pyramid Club that set it apart from the rest of the local venues was that, on the weekends, we were open all night with the headlining shows playing from 10pm until around 4am. As the rest of the clubs closed in town the nights owls eventually wound up at my joint. Legal booze until 2am then the password got you downstairs to the speakeasy. On the dancefloor however it was all the smell of fried onions and potato's screaming early breakfast for the patrons. We made the BEST breakfast in town. The speciality was 'Industrial Potatos fried in microbeer and Huevos Mexacanos. Bo Diddley,from the stage, mind you, told his fans that it was the BEST potatos he had ever eaten. His backup band that night was some great players from LA that drove up for the night to play with him at no pay - just to have the chance to say they shared the stage with a true legend. What a show!! He played until almost 5am, never took off his hat and sweated buckets of sweat.

Around 7am we hopped back into the Caddy and drove back to the airport with the top still down. I have selected a live performance of Bo Diddley and Tom Petty and you can find it in todays 'ThinkMusic'.


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  1. Great story and Great Music! Don't you just love YouTube?
    You have quite a library building up here on the left side. Good work!