Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Mad French Woman, Giant Plate of Sea Scallops & The Mysterious, Secret Passage To Aticama.

Hello Again Readers,

This is the first part of my 'how I came to be in Aticama' story. I first heard rumors of this 'off the beaten path' Paradise located on Mexico's mainline Pacific Coast someplace north of Puerto Vallarta sometime in the late '70s or early 80's. At that time I was enchanted with Baja, mainly a place on the Sea Of Cortez side named Mulege. This link is worth reading !

Well, one year, '87 I think, whilst I was on a Pyramid Tour of mexico in my old 1962 VW microbus, Jezebel, I set camp again at a fantastic beach on the south side of Mulege. For those of you not familiar - Mulege is a sweet little Spanglish town located at the edge of the great desert that spans Baja Central. This great land mass is divided near the ocean by the tiny little Rio Mulege. It is a real Oasis.

One night on the beach I was invited to attend a campfire dinner of fresh sea scallops and green onions. Sounded just fine! Off we went and encountered a very crazy over the top French Woman. Her name is now long gone but the food and the talk is well remembered. She had sauteed the scallops in real butter, right there in the Baja!!
(back then there was zero - none at all real butter in that part of Baja and precious little refrigeration to boot...) I will never, ever forget the taste of that dinner for the rest of my life. Or the conversation. This Mad Hattress was all over the map. I judged her to be mid '50s and very well kept though, with a way about her that really was sorta regal. She began telling us of the place she was headed to next - Matanchen Bay. The more she talked about it the more animated she became! Soon she was dancing around the campfire and talking tales of pueblos made of thatch roof homes set next to wild rivers all situated in a stupefyingly beautiful and seriously tropical bay. Bad roads. No reliable electricity. NO TELEPHONES.
Warm, Friendly, Clear-Eyed people living there......

To be continued this week.....


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  1. hi a very nice beginning,I look forward to your adventures.