Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lizard Charlie In The Morning With Family Photos

Good Morning Lizard And Family Photo Lovers,

That's easy enough, not to many non humans reading this blog. Well, maybe a few billion computers - but is that really reading?

Thomas John loves his lizard Charlie but he does not like to read. He is now in the 4th grade and study does not come easy for him. His interests lie mainly in the real, tangle world - physical activity, natural interactive activities. While he enjoys school it is mainly because of the social environment. Outgoing, charming and full of energy Thomas is a joy to be around. Except when it comes time to do homework, then he just shuts down. This is a most difficult thing for us. Anyone out there have an suggestions?

Francis is growing. A lot. In the last year he has grown around 10" and is now nearly as tall as his mother! Like Thomas, Francis also has a problem with reading - not that he cannot read, in fact he is an amazing reader, often 20 or more books a week. He is a responsible older brother and keeps a good eye on his siblings when necessary although he loves his personal free time. His problem lies with reading to limited a variety of material. And, of course, like many young adults his age, he is hooked on the internet, especially YouTube. Far too much time is spent on mindless entertainment and not nearly enough time on creative activity. Again, anyone out there have any idea how to deal with this?

That leaves us with Kavvena May. The 5 year old Princess Of Aticama. She is just starting kindergarten here and loves it! We dont know yet how she will turn out academically or what her scholastic gifts are. What we do know is that she is very headstrong and loves to be in control!

Weng and I are good parents and we find it is, at times, (particularly when we spend a lot of time away from the children working) challenging to meet the changing nature of society and how it affects our kids. I am in my 50's and my childhood was much different and I envy my parents the simple times that made up family life. The level of distraction nowadays is almost incomprehensible, not to mention the ever present shortage of time.

Speaking of time, I'm off to work.


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