Friday, September 18, 2009

I Must Have Been Sleepy!

Hello Again Readers,

I am the kind of person that gets up early. Here in Oregon, during the summer we get a great 18 hours of daylight every day. In a couple of days it will become Fall again and we will get 12 hours of light a day. Then, ugggg..... December 21 arrives and we get only 6 or 7 h0urs of light. That is the 'yin-yang' of life in the Pacific North West. Great summers, challenging winters. There have been times when you seldom see the sun at all through the forever lasting cloudcovers. So, what does all of this mean, anyway? Well, I think it may have something to do with my strange of late sleeping patterns. You may recall that I slept most of the summer away with illness. Daily I get better but I now want to sleep in and today was a prime example! I did not have the energy to get on my feet until nearly noon! When I did I felt great and recharged but very time 'compressed' with a lot to do in the daily Day-To-Day life. A change of plans, some weather related, will put me back under the house this afternoon to finish beefing up the floor joists with an extra timber or two.

Salud & Thanks For Tuning In

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