Friday, September 11, 2009

Hot & Busy! More on 'Road To Aticama'

Hello Again Readers,

Today it will be 95 deg. here in Portland - another record breaker! I am very busy now but will post more on my 'Road To Aticama' adventure as the day progresses......

Last time found me with my pals in central Baja, headed south to La Paz and the Ferry. This was back in the days before the Japanese bought out the rights to run the La Paz to Mazatlan Ferry. It was, to be polite, quaint! Four of us were in Jezebel, the old VW microbus, and we fit right into the scene. Casual. Comfortable. The customs man smiled, collected a $2.00 bribe; the ferry terminal man collected our $14.00 passanger and vehicle fee; we drove on the ferry and waited almost a full day for enough people to arrive to ship off. It was a beautiful full moon night when we set sail (actually, fired up a way old and dirty diesel motor) to Mazatlan. I took my guitar up on the deck and played for hours to the sounds and smells of the boat and the sea.


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  1. Oh God! I am liking this story sooooooo much!