Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grito de Dolores

Hello Again Readers.

Today is Mexican Independence Day! IN 1810 a man named Hidalgo set in motion the events that show the power of the concept of freedom. If you click on todays title it may take you to the wikipedia site on the topic. ( If I figured out how to like things...) Not many people now living realize that Mexico also permitted slavery and that it was not until 1829 that all slaves were freed. I salute today's Mexico - it is a warm and gracious country that deserves the respect of every thinking American.

Viva Mexico!

I have put a link to youtube in my ThinkMusic column to the song 'When God Made Me'. Neil Young is not for every one I know, but take a listen to the words and then think about the world outside of the USA for a minute. I thank you to do that. So now I have had a long day and the bed is calling....


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