Monday, September 28, 2009

First Light & Thanks To My Readers

Good Morning Readers,

Well, it is early Monday morning and I am preparing to go off to work. Thomas John forgot over the weekend that he needed a piece of wood, cut to the right size for a school project so......... at 6am I was in the shop!! All is good and today, I think, will be bright and sunny again. My posting of yesterday was a bit gloomy but my attitude is much improved with a good night's sleep. Sometimes you just have to have a little Blind Faith that with hard work and the right outlook things will be fine. Weng is happy that I am able to get out and work more now so she can stay home and catch up on some of her projects that have gone neglected over the last 3 months. Also, school work with the children is demanding and takes a lot of time! I love this time of the morning when it is clear and crisp and just beginning to get light outside.

I want to take this moment to thank all of you out there who take the time to read my blog and Weng's blog! The 'pin money' that we receive from AdSence really, really helps us when times get hard. I will try and keep my postings brief and interesting. All of your thoughts are invited and appreciated.


the photo is of the road I drive to town on daily


  1. I love photos but can't really see the ones you post. Can you make them size up big like the ones on your Wife's blog?

  2. I read yours and Weng's but haven't commented on yours yet. So now I will. Maybe next year or the year after hubby and I can travel out west and if we do I want to come and look you up and meet the kids. Take care and keep posting. I also have a blog

    Could you help Weng to take a look in case she doesn't know how. Thank you