Sunday, September 27, 2009

End Of The Month Blues

Hello Again Readers,

Anyone out there ever had the ol' 'End Of The Month Blues'? You know, when the bills are due and the money is short. We have reached that moment again. Times are tight and we are going to make cuts. I had anticipated a couple of nice jobs in October but they have been canceled due to the overall economy. It hurts but it looks like the cell phone and the internet are history when our contract is up in November. We are cutting out all entertainment and are going to make due with less electricity and move back to heating with wood as the season changes. We now need to make a decision on scaling way back on our trip to Mexico this year - instead of rolling down the highway in a land yacht we may well be taking 'The Space Pod'. It is a tiny little Toyota camper truck with a one of kind space age coach. We may shorten our stay there as well.

Or maybe not. Years ago we acquired a property very near our place in Aticama with the notion of selling it when the time is right to the right kind of person(s). We are thinking now may be the time and we are hoping to get $20,000 for it. This is a good deal as it is the last available lot on the hillside overlooking town left. We will keep you posted.


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