Friday, September 25, 2009

The Bonny Slope Bobcats Parent Night

Hello Again Readers

Last night Weng and I spent 3 hours talking with and touring the Bonny Slope elementary school that Thomas John and Kavvena May attend. It is a new 'state of the art' school, now one year old. It is, in a word, impressive. Great, caring and intelligent teachers, amazing building layout, apple computers (with wifi) in all rooms (incl. kindergarten), and terrific curriculum. A fine example of what the public school system here in the USA should look like!

  • It is also a world different than the school they will be attending again in the sleepy fishing village of Aticama. Both schools have their high and low points. There is no way the kids could walk to school here in America - too many cars, no sidewalks in this neighborhood. Also, life in America is very, very fast with a lot of stress, even for children. While the academic standards at Vicente Guerrero school are modest, the social climate is as calm, relaxed and sunny as the tropical beach it is constructed on. It is hundreds of years old and the kids walk along the ocean to school every day.
What a world!!


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  1. Must be interesting for the kids to go from one to the other.